Around 2002 I took to sculpture, crafting works of scrap metal, savouring the possibilities of the expression as sculpture-unlike painting-offers viewers the joy of viewing works from all around. If this attribute is explored in its entirety then it transforms sculpture into an object that offers continual, changing and never-ending surprises and engagement. To me sculpture is an attempt to understand and realize more completely what form and shape are all about. Everything-from scrap metal to elements of nature-can offer a start for a new idea. These odds and ends ignite thoughts that go on to initiate a thread of creativity. I continue to enjoy sculpting and working with metal, and in periods of taking a break from working on canvases I refresh my creative energies creating metal works.

  • Hand painted contemporary expressions of glowing curios – every design a unique piece. * Night Lamps * Chandeliers * T-light holders * Table lamps *

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  • Satin and raw silk quilted cushions in psychedelic colours are etched onto smooth fabric in unusual forms creating ultra modern atmosphere of quirk and style. * Cushions * Table Mats *

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  • I think therefore I am. I dream, therefore I can. Who am I? Thinker, Doer, Artist? Follow the faraway gaze, the shape of the brow, the shadow of the chin. The eyes will tell. Listen. * Standalone fibre cast sculptures *

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  • Not the grain of the wood, nor the tone of the polish. Here, art seeps into the flow of the design to create very niche furniture. Each piece turns into a canvass, embellished by inspiration.

    * Chairs * Coffee Tables *
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  • Moulded, welded or twisted…each cryptic creation emanates a dark energy that pulsates in the surrounding space.

    * Expressive Chairs * Eclectic Murals * Figurines *
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