Illumination of a Universe

Where the abstract and concrete colllude, a fusion of their allusions of land, sky, water and the transcendent self, herein lies Madhuri’s search for a dynamic dialogue with the cosmic spectrum. The metaphors are intrinsically personal; but as a receiver of the gift, her creativity conjures forth a timeless reflection and passionate embrace of prana (life force and spirit).

Freely handling paint with mature strength, yet disarming flexibility, these compositions reflect a quest to liberate the self. Her magic mountains and colour fields catapult vision into space, with “the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute”. (Junius, 1740-1818) On an endless journey, without worry, Madhuri relentlessly probes and challenges boundaries. Colour, light and shadows, mysteries of nature’s genius, guide her work, begun with strokes, with paint, only then to dissolve into a realm of infinite distance. Such subtle cubism delineates the concrete both in its emotional embrace and contextual awareness.

A vibrant symphony of colour, radiant ragas of energy pluck at one’s strings…. harmoniously strumming through Madhuri’s agile swathes of colour…crimson and vermilion, cobalt and cerulean, lapis and teal, malachite and pearl. Shimmers of opalescent hue denote a terrain, a barely visible sky; tinges of temple towers foster an awakening within the viewer. Whites gleam through the use of impasto; blacks reflect the hues of monochrome, the magic of midnight, and their peripheries gleam with gold.

Through a rich appreciation of traditional symbolism and the modernist spirit, Madhuri captures light with a brush. Lyrical imagery generates diverse, interconnected forms, just as an inner journey culls forth the fugues of nature: the ever-syncopating sky, the wind through space, flowing of water perceptions of the distant, changing with time.

Her veils drop to reveal chromatics, as the clouds move on. Elevated by an elegant consciousness, one is soothed, excited, and stirred when viewing her paintings. Whether ice cool hues, prismatic terrains, or such primordial horizons that challenge the imagination. Madhuri provokes the limits of the mind, tackles the limits of two-dimension, explores panoramas and transforms them into a universe.