Madhuri Bhaduri’s, vast art-scape encompasses varied spheres of creativity. In an amazing harmony of colours and visuals, she weaves stories through tone, hue, shade, texture and instinct. The work stands out for its virtues of simplicity, symmetry, spontaneity and semblance. From painting portraits, abstract, landscape or surrealist imagery to creating three-dimensional work as murals and sculptures in recycled material, they all form part of her eclectic collection. Transcending many genres, her work stands tall in a unique style of her own design. Emanating straight from the artist’s heart, it mirrors the transient effect of light and shade, colour and image, energy and play, texture and palette. Even the mundane appears to take on a new lease of life as the expressions capture the mood of the moment. The prolific artist pre-occupied with a quest for self-liberation creates this varied assemblage. Lined with a momentum of indelible imagery, it enriches her life in art.

Madhuri Bhaduri’s expansive ensemble has been presented in over a hundred group and solo shows during the last four decades, making its mark on the contemporary creative domain. Besides featuring in art expositions in India and the world, her work has been included in events, workshops and art fairs including those held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, New York, London, Singapore, Miami, Dubai and Rotterdam from where it has been picked up by discerning art collectors, connoisseurs, gallerists, industrialists, aesthetes, celebrities and critics. Part of several seminal personal, public and corporate collections, it has won the artist numerous accolades and dozen plus awards, including the Amrita Shergill Rashtriya Kala Puraskar by the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), New Delhi, and Exceptional Woman of Excellence in Art Award from the Women’s Economic Forum (WEF) at The Hague, Netherlands. She has contributed to charities and conducted art workshops for children and different marginalised groups. An articulate person, she lectures, participates in panel discussions, radio shows and has been featured in publications. Someone who keeps taking up new projects, experiments with new techniques and is active on social media, the road ahead is open with miles to go…