Promoting art through paint parties

It is a great way of getting people more inclined towards art by bringing conversations around it, exposing your thoughts in that direction and exchanging ideas also brings about an overall awareness. Interactions and discussions on the subject at a social platform is how people actually start thinking more about it. Art being a subject which in itself is a mode of expression helps educate people about its growth and value through these interactions. It could also help deviate towards an inner understanding of a more profound subject of the heart. I think that art parties are a great source of entertainment, enlightenment and a great way of spending time.

Paint parties in the city

Paint party is a fabulous concept! The organisers could work on different segments of the kind of people who attend these parties because primarily it is a great activity along with some fun and could also benefit from a therapeutic aspect of spending time in a more creatively useful way to bond over the subject of art which exposes you to the most sensitive areas of your existence and I think it pretty much add a different flavour to the evening and gathering. I strongly feel art is also something that makes you a little more aware about your existence and inner being.

Poetry inspired from the Moon series

Mukta Kamplikar derived inspiration from my new ‘Moon’ series and penned down some beautiful poems on each artwork in her own artistic way. The collaboration was a complete delight as we could express our romantic selves through the medium of my art and her poetry together. Sharing a poem from one of my most favourite painting-

The New age Moon
Don’t you get tired of playing it cool?
Do you have any friends ?
Do you emote at all ..and go all purple with rage ever?
Have you gone to bed with someone in your arms lately?
What is this measured detachment about ?
Do you have no stories at all?
Do you have no past ?
No rain , no wind
No memory to last?
And that high moral tight lipped position you assume
What do you preserve in that vacuum ?

The Moon

42nd solo show in Pune after a hiatus of 6 years launched my new collection of work called the ‘Moon’ series inaugurated by Padma Shri Anu Aga and Suman Kirloskar at the JW Marriott, Pune followed by a scintillating live music performance by the young sensational singer, Salman Ali, who recently made it big in the industry by winning Indian Idol and bagging his first break in Dabangg 3. The show continued at the Monalisa Kalagram in Koregaon Park in Pune for a week.

World Autism Day ‘To a more inclusive world’

A fabulous initiative taken by curator Sapna Kar and team to celebrate World autism day, where they involved autistic children from the Jai Vakeel Foundation to blend brushes with children from Mumbai’s premiere schools to paint canvases of Joy and togetherness! Mentored by renowned Artists who generously supported the project.

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