Art Podium, The Arts House, Singapore

ART PODium- an Art fair bringing together artists, art collectors, critics and curators all under one roof exhibiting rare masterpieces from the 19th century onwards from India and South-East Asia hosted at The Arts House, (1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore) a colonial era structure located in the heart of Singapore now claimed as an arts hub from the 13th-16th September’19. I showcased a collection of my art works from the series reflections, horizons, seascapes and musings. The Opening night of the art fair was inaugurated by the India & Bangladesh high commissioner, who also owns one of the artworks from my recent series. The second day of the Art Podium Singapore opened with a talk by the member of Singapore parliament who appreciated and said some really kind words about my art.

“Her art is meshing short emphatic strokes on horizontal basis to define her forms and shapes. She has depth to her visualization and she also like wave-forms, undulating patterns. There are energy flow to her arts.” -kind words quoted about my paintings my an avid art collector and connoisseur David Ong Hwi from Singapore on the last day of Art Podium.