Hi, I am Madhuri Bhaduri and
this is my story!

Born on the 8th of June 1958,
Mrs Madhuri Bhaduri has spent the last four decades of her life in devotion to her love and passion for art and its many forms by gaining a following of collectors and critiques while also having her artwork exhibited within India aswell as abroad since as early on as 1986.
Madhuri’s artworks have been created and displayed over the previous 40 years of her career that have constantly evolved and enriched her talent and love for the industry while pushing forward her immense heart for achievement as even prior to her endeavour into the art industry, Madhuri’s achievements have driven her need for perfectionism.
Madhuri was an early achiever which is to the likeness of her family as her father Shivram Phalnikar played national level badminton and her mother Durga Phalnikar was an acclaimed Indian classical vocalist but she didn’t put a pin on the talent she inherited but strived to further her expertise through
expansion of her skillset and experiences.
Early on after pursuing a diploma in french and her formal training in Masters of Art and Painting from S.N.D.T women’s University mumbai,
Madhuri curated her first solo show in pune while eager yet apprehensive to receive a feedback and critique as it was her first venture into the world of creation and to her surprise the show caught on with flying colours, further opening doors to the enriching and everlasting world of art she adores with great respect.

All her series of artwork flood from an inner fire that every artist possesses, which is freedom of thought through expression, creating a sense of achievement for the viewer who has decoded the reason for every stroke, they feel as connected with the work as the artist and thats how art engages a carefully curated smudge of paint into a story that was channeled through the heart of the artist,in this case, Madhuri has let every experience in her life shape her aswell as her art into the beautiful holding of creation they are, In the 70s and early 80s her art was inspired by impressionist artists such as Vincent van gogh, Claude Monet and Paul klee to name a few, as she mainly did landscapes,fauna florals and others along the same style, she never let it box her into a corner as right after her masters in the year 1988, she further stretched her work into the figurative style of composition, as she went on to do human composition which involved her clown artwork, tribal women and nudes which she carried on till the onset of the 2000’s. After this period of a different style Madhuri gathered her experience and created immense change to a form she previously loved by using her abstract capabilities on landscapes.
This was a fresh start to the journey she had previously started as landscapes are something familiar to all of us, but the extraction of form and the insertion of abstract creates a new meaning to every angle and sway existent in the painting. It is a mix of complex strokes to retain the idea of our complex thought processes, a single painting can posses a million meanings to each new viewer as we crave to give things meaning but in our own capable ways and this creates a feeling togetherness which is the base of humanity but so rarely found out in human nature. Madhuri chose to encapsulate this feeling into a collection of abstract seascapes named ‘once a sudden sea’ which were displayed at her solo show in 2002, this show changed the direction of her artistic drive as she was taken seriously by a lot of collectors aswell as critiques which drove her to add elements from horizons and scapes onto her abstract, resulting in further expansion of her creative portfolio. As a driven artist and an avid learner she allows her fears, passions, sadness,hope and yearnings to be present in a way where she grows into something bigger than them,you cannot be held back by a step moved forward and this is the reason for not only madhuri but every artist of a certain caliber to be driven to achieve peace within their art with the art playing a part in their peace.

Speaking of peace,
Every artist no matter what caliber they hold, ha$ their own studio or workspace which they hold dear to themselves as it is a safe haven and pool of creation that they create to their liking, a comfortable workspace can inspire intriguing thoughts and fresh ideas as it creates a sense of neverending possibility looking back at all the beautiful pieces youve created in the past, Madhuri knew she had to create her work environment and have it be a true reflection of her work and as her doubt grew weary of art not being an active part of her life, she built her first studio in pune after having her artwork moved around for a while, This studio would serve as her go to therapy session with herself and her work as it helped her get through many tough and trying times in her life,it also acted as a disconnect from her domestic life which can be very involving and time consuming, she also further expanded her workspace for it to be closer to her home as it creates an easier way to achieve a work life balance and she also feels that an artist being in close proximity to their work helps their overall focus and longevity of their artistic flow as art is a naturally occurring form of expression and breaking the tempo of your flow of thought can result in demotivation or the feeling of not being able to transfer thoughts in a fluid manner.