Being in the field of art, an artist has to incessantly work towards achieving perfection. Thusly, I have acclimatised myself to this work culture. Work has always been my prerogative and an eternal part of my existence. I could easily adapt to this working style because, I have been trained from a young age to work hard and put in my best foot forward, always. It won’t be an exaggeration if I am quoted saying work is worship!

Over the years, Art has become my life and constant companion. It is like a relationship that has been the only stable part of my being. Fortunately for me it has become my profession and my sole means of existence. I have been applauded as a successful artiste and been fortunate enough to have a huge following for my art.

Having experienced both the brighter and darker sides of life, the journey has been beautiful and success becomes the feedback of your hard work.