“You are born with certain cards” … I believe you are born with a certain set of cards- like a dice thrown at you, similarly you are given a set situation at every stage to deal with and you have an obligation to make something of it. I have always been guided to do what I believe in and only in things I want to do hence I take full responsibility of my actions. Spirituality is a source of inspiration and philosophy for my behaviour, my values and my way of life. A meaning for me, of me and for others. Something I’ve always been finding throughout and has changed with various experiences. Spirituality is integrated in my everyday life, I do not need specific moments and rituals, meditation or mountain climbing for it. Art for me gives me the moments of introspection required to reach the understanding, it enables to go through experiences that make me more rounded and relaxed as a person, a detached total picture helps you to put it in the right perspective. Very absorbed and intense yet like a passing vision in the passage of time.