In the past few years, most of the Y generation art collectors have moved to online buying. Beyond traditional means of communication, social media allows you to communicate with your followers. People can inquire about an art work, you can brief them on the spot and it’s sold. The social media boom means artists no longer have to rely solely on galleries and the art world elite to validate their success. While gallery representation is still prestigious, it’s no longer necessary to go through middleman. On the opposite side, interested collectors could also get turned off by persistent social media messaging. So it must be handled well and in right balance. Showcasing ones professionalism and personality, can help ensure social media impact is beneficial and not damaging to artist’s online brand. The art must move with the times as change can’t and shouldn’t be denied. One can’t hold on to the past too tightly. Remember, the traditional art world is changing too, and for the better! Social media can help art business. It gives access to a wider audiences. Embracing the new marketing tool and experiencing the wonders it can do, is important for a balanced social engagement though not as an end in itself. There are no shortcuts to success. Your discipline, your work ethics, your talent cannot be compromised through social profiling. Visibility is important but needs to be projected wisely to determine the footprints of one’s journey.