My studio and my home are both extensions of me, I don’t really separate them from one another. I have my workspace at home and I generally isolate my works once they are ready in the studio as it makes it easier for me to manage. The studio is actually where I view my works impersonally while home is the main place where I create. I believe that the workplace should be close to your home because for an artist it is important to live with the works and since I live alone, I have the privilege of enjoying my work along with doing other activities at home. Whether it is my home or studio I take a lot of pride in keeping it in its best shape possible to reflect my personality and resonate with my work. My work is part of my living zone. Breaking the tempo distracts and destabilises one’s state of mind and emotional connect with the work. Hence it helps if the studio is close by. Besides, for an artist, the work is never time bound and has no fixed schedule and so it becomes convenient to be in close proximity to the studio. Another factor especially important is adequate natural light which helps to see colours more clearly as they are. I prefer to work through the day light till it fades out. I like to ensure that the studio is favourably interesting and aesthetically pleasing as it also an extension of me. Lastly, it is a safe and secure place for me, my thoughts and my work. These studios have been my havens wherein I have withdrawn, meditated, churned, reflected, fantasised, dreamt and created – a place where my true expressions have found their way.