Becoming a successful artist is almost like a lottery in which you work for years just to get a ticket. Those who reach the rarefied world of echoing galleries and champagne receptions typically arrive there after long periods of insecurity and struggleful soul-searching. The intermediate world of aspiring artists is crowded, chaotic, and generally ignored, since it’s much easier to take that art seriously which somebody else has validated already. Yet in many ways it is more interesting to discover new talent than those already established. The first question that occupies artists’ mind is what art to make. This seems basic, but many artists struggle with it perpetually. The sheer scope of media available today, plus the knowledge that there is a potential audience for pretty much anything, is as terrifying as it is liberating. There is a cold and indifferent acceptance in art, it is not recognised as a reliable profession. It lacks proper sales plan and knowing how to leverage your work to get to the target audience segment. Inadequacies and failure to make it online, lack of support from peers, lack of skilled manpower, lack of knowledge and awareness. Artists should get platforms specialised institutions to showcase Indian art and culture. In the absence of patronage artists have a lot of odds to face for survival. There are many people with talent but the opportunities are very limited and in order to resolve this we need more collaborations with bigger art schools, auction houses, galleries and private institutions and global platforms to expose artists from a young age. It’s like sports in India which in today’s challenging world cannot possibly survive without recognition and support. Involvement of corporates and the private sector could help the industry in raising funds, organising art festivals and events, and promoting budding artists. Apart from this, government support, particularly through funding, infrastructure, creating awareness and rationalising the tax structure would build a solid ground for the industry to flourish.