Life and work balance has never been an issue for me as I prioritise my life into areas that are important to me. What is it that I really require for my mind, body and soul? For my body to function well I need to eat well, keep fit and exercise. For my life to be happy I have to take charge of my family and ensure their well-being. For my soul I need my work to go well. Spirituality is an integral part of my everyday life though I do not follow specific moments and rituals for it. Art gives me moments of introspection and understanding about life’s varied experiences in an equable way. A detached total picture enables me to have the right perspective, very absorbed and intense yet like a passing vision in the passage of time. I give a lot of priority to these three things. If most of my day is spent efficiently in these areas then taking care of the rest of life becomes a small part of it. Fortunately, playing sport in early years has given me enough strength to understand, prioritise and put in my best to handle everything on my own. I feel this quality is essential to be independent and take on the responsibility for the decisions made and maintain a balance. The realisation of being self-reliant at an early age helped me in making decisions and taking responsibility for the actions and their outcomes. My belief and faith in creative energy and ultimate power of nature has enabled me to follow my own course. From the age of 12, I have made all decisions on my own whether it is being a sportsperson, artist, wife, mother or daughter. I have led my life in a certain way and things have automatically fallen in place by God’s grace. I have not had anyone to be answerable to, or pitch in to seek help. It has so far worked well; and I believe that if you put in your best at the end of the day, you are satisfied with the outcome of all your efforts.