After my formal training in art in 1988, I was keen to experiment with the figurative form. It started with the fascination of looking at the Banjaras who used to work at construction sites both in Pune and Mumbai among other parts of the country. They had a distinctive sense of dressing, very colourful attire, heavily adorned and bejewelled which drew me to them as a subject. In this series I used my technique of rendering that was arrived at during my earlier works of nature. It was also impressionistic in character and the colour renderings were achieved in textural variations which I so enjoyed using. Then followed the Clown series and the street entertainers, which I saw during my travels to Europe. Some nude studies, fishermen and women from the coastal areas were some of the subjects of my works that followed. After the year 2000 I returned back to nature in more abstracted expressions. I also was introduced to sculpting in the medium of scrap metal which allowed me the freedom to experiment in forms of figuration.