Diversity and inclusion empower creativity, I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the experiences and opportunities along the way. The people I came across fostered my enjoyment of the pursuit of my potential, and I want to do the same for others around me. I enjoy sharing the lessons I’ve learned with young people to empower those who may be in a similar situation. Nurturing young talent and giving back through participating in interactive workshops, radio talks, panel discussions and motivational sessions. Mentoring can be an effective tool to help the youth meet their goals and foster creative development in order to empower. This would also define my legacy in art and pass it on to the next generation.

It was a journey I felt was decided for me. It has been a satisfying one which has given me not only monetary benefits but also been fulfilling, enriched my life with experiences, gave me the emotional support, respect and strength to deal with whatever came my way. Living life entirely on my own terms, emotionally and financially with strong values of a middle-class upbringing and sense of spiritual beliefs steered my way through all the obstacles to create a career in art where…it was purely my passion that drove me to where I am today. In a journey of art which is uncertain and unknown and to have been able to find my path successfully has made me feel empowered. I can enrich my life with opportunities that came my way year after year and the evolution for me has been a gradual process wherein it involves a series of events that complete this journey…Creation is born out of your own experiences of life, your own spiritual journey.  It is also in the realizing and introspecting of this life’s journey and its infinite nuances, which leads you on to make decisions and choices and map out a path for your future, giving you a sense of achievement and power.