I have found the clown to be the best all-encompassing metaphor for human condition- an uncompromising mirror to look into for glimpses of the truth. We look at the clown and see ourselves – our hopes, dreams fears, our virtues, our flaws and our process. Clown shows us how we get into trouble without ever meaning or wanting to and how we sometimes stumble onto sublime solutions to our problems. The fool has eyes to see and heart to recognise. Whenever we are curious, playful or creative we are in ‘clown mode’ as well as when we are in a state of surprise- whenever we have lunches, act on impulse or disgrace- we are in clown mode. Whether strong emotions- laughing and crying at the same time as well. It’s the eternal child in all of us- the part of us that never grows and lives in the heart and in the moment with no past regrets and future to dread. The clown takes everything literally and personally, questioning everything under the sun except itself- flaunting the egg on its face, wearing the heart on his sleeve, with the best of inventions and no thought of failure, it leaps naively into danger – getting knocked down over and over again. It is an embodiment on hope in the face of hopelessness and possibility in the face of impossible. It offers us respite from our self –doubts and fears, and opens the door of joy. We all have a clown within…which should be recognised and can come out and play.