My work is an extension of me. It  describes the person I am, in the strokes, textures, colours or the subject I choose. I begin with the subject, then my inner voice takes over to release and transform the emotions through the choice of colour, texture, form, composition and treatment on the paintings and other mediums that I choose to use. The thing I like the least about it is the time it takes to finish one work. Being impatient I’m curious to see the end result. I don’t like to engage myself for days on each work and once it is done I lose interest as it’s just a memory. I don’t mean to call my completed work an afterthought, because I do retain the joy of a maker, but at the same time I feel detached from it. In a way I feel it is good to experiment. I wouldn’t say I’m inconsistent because I’m continuously in a particular zone, my mind moves into multiple subjects and areas at once which is very trying for me and sometimes, I see too many things at once so I try to centre it and bring in a semblance. It takes me at least 3-4 hours every time to get into the right mental zone to paint and once I begin I don’t want to take a break. I feel it’s a childlike quality that I have with my work- at first I look at something with great curiosity, enjoy playing with it and when it’s all done you lose interest and move onto another toy. Similarly, for me that first breath when I start the painting is very interesting. In the middle part it gets tedious as I’m already keen to see the end result and the finishing stage intrigues me the most till I drop the brush for a day when my mind goes on to the next piece of art. Some of the qualities that I believe in and a part of me, are optimism, romanticism and spiritually awakened, dreamy yet realistic. I like to share these invigorating feelings with the viewers. I want my art to connect with my spiritual beliefs in today’s times as believe people seek peace and positivity in every aspect of life. Through my paintings I want that sense of optimism to be felt.