Poetry on Canvas


Born on the 8th of June 1958, Madhuri Bhaduri has spent more than four decades of her life in devotion to her passion for art and its many forms. Over the years she has had a following of art collectors and critiques who have appreciated her works in various shows held in India & abroad since as early as 1986. Madhuri grew up in a well-educated middle class and cultured family in Pune. She along with her two brothers spent a happy childhood under the watchful care of their mother Durga Phalnikar, an accomplished vocalist and father Shivram Phalnikar, a national level badminton player. 



B.A. Economics (Hons) Fergusson College, Pune


Diploma in French Alliance de Francaise


M.A. (Arts & Painting) SNDT Bombay University


Finance and the Art Market - Sotheby's Institute of Art, London


Sculpture for me is an attempt to understand better and realise more completely what form and shape are about and to react to forms in life. Initially in 2001 I started experimenting in sculpture using scrap metal. Savouring the possibilities of expression, unlike paintings sculpture offers viewers the joy of viewing works from all around. If this attribute is explored in its entirety, it transforms an object that offers continual, changing and never- ending surprise and engagement. Everything-from scrap metal to elements of nature-can offer a start for a new idea. My fascination with making sculptures involves a process of working with different modes, materials and methods and turning them around in diverse manifestations. It revolves around matter and structure, inanimate and animate forms, past and present, dead and alive, fact and fiction, and presence and absence. The work captures ideas and events in a scale and vision which extends beyond the wall, stretching onto the floor and up to the ceiling in multiple dimensions. The innovative works of recycled found objects is transformed to life again and illuminates the narrative not only for the viewer but also rekindles the artist’s mind. The re- incarnated in-your-face & fun-filled naïve art of incredible mystic creations helps to bring into focus, the imperative concern about depleting natural resources into a live arena for wider public engagement. These odds and ends ignite thoughts that go on to initiate a thread of creativity. I continue to enjoy sculpting in periods of taking a break from working on canvases. I refresh my creative energies creating metal and fibre glass works too. Most sculptures do not reveal themselves at first glance but presents us some obscurities and further meanings eventually.
Solo Exhibitions
Group Participation


Phiroza and Soonu Godrej at Chetana Art Gallery opening, Mumbai
Lighting the lamp by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Felicitated by the WEF 2018- award of 'Exceptional women of Excellence'
Priya Dutt, Politician and social worker
Late S.H. Raza inaugrating a solo show with the French Ambasador in Mumbai
Awarded by the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) with the prestigious Amrita Shergill Rashtriya Kala Puraskar in New Delhi
Zeenat Aman handing over the National excellence award 2018, New Delhi
42nd solo show inauguration by Suman Kirloskar & Padma Shri Anu Aga
S.L. Kirloskar at the debut inagural show, 1986